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Poets are the refuge of every wounded nation

Just ask the Poles.

1 January 1991
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acceptance, achievement, activism, allen ginsberg, answers, art, belle and sebastian, bob dylan, bohemia, bones, books, breathing, bright eyes, cameras, candyland, cereal, coffee, concerts, cooking, cursive, death cab for cutie, dignity, diversity, donald weber, dreadlocks, dreaming, eating disorders, eucatastrophe, everything in excess, explosions in the sky, falling down nine times, getting up ten, glasses, goats, god, harry potter, hipbones, honesty, humanity, humans, inappropriate compensatory behaviors, indie music, indie rock, individuality, intelligence, ipod, iron & wine, iron and wine, irony, jeff mangum, jesus, kazoos, knowledge, laidbackness, laughing, libraries, literacy, literature, living, living unapologetically, louderarts, margot, math, matnsas, messy hair, mint julep, modest mouse, music, my ipod, myself, neutral milk hotel, nonconformists, nuclear so & sos, okkervil river, old pictures, paint, paint splatters, painting, photo art, photography, pi, piercings, poetry, profundity, psychology, rachel maddow, rain, reading, respect, responsibility for our actions, richard edwards, rock and roll, saddle creek, saving the world, scarf rock, shakespeare, shoelessness, sigur ros, skellig, sleeping, smallishness, soymilk, stick figures, stripy socks, sufjan stevens, symmetry, synaesthesia, synesthesia, tarkio, teen rights, the beatles, the breakfast club, the decemberists, the flaming lips, the lion king, the mountain goats, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tofu, tolkien, trampolines, transcendence, vegetarianism, vintage cameras, visual art, william shakespeare, windy places, world peace, writing